Collection: Corrie Confetti

Corrie Confetti has been one of Aimée's passion projects for the last year or so. A brand new yarn, it is a one of a kind limited edition yarn comprised of a mix of recycled natural fibers that include upcycled La Bien Aimée yarn and custom dyed Falkland Corriedale. 

This new yarn came from the idea of wanting to recycle some of our yarn waste. In a dye studio, there is, unfortunately, some yarn waste, sometimes quite a lot. And sometimes, things can go wrong and a skein comes out unusable... When Aimée started working on developing Corrie Worsted with the mill, she learned about the whole process of making a yarn and that there would also be some yarn waste during the spinning process. Along with the mill, they decided to create a sister yarn based on Corrie Worsted that would recycle some of the waste yarn from Corrie Worsted and our own beautiful colorful yarn bits. Aimée added in 50% custom dyed Falkland Corriedale to the mix and that’s how Corrie Confetti came to be! Read more about it on Aimée's blog