Neons & Neutrals

Neons & Neutrals

This week is an incredibly exciting one for me as I am finally allowed to announce that my second book, Neons & Neutrals, is available for pre-order. I am so proud to present this new pattern collection to you. It contains 16 patterns by a group of talented designers. The English version will be released on March 3rd, 2023. A separate ebook will be for sale as well from Laine. And i’m delighted that a French and a Japanese translation will be ready this spring!

Worsted was a true passion project for me during the pandemic. The whole process of putting it together that book made me want to create more pattern collections. So, a little after Worsted was published, I started working on this one. For Neons & Neutrals, I made a submission call not only to designers, but also to yarn brands and dyers. I wanted this book to be even more collaborative. Yes, I own a yarn company and I love knitting with my own yarn. But I also love knitting with other yarn brands as well. This was the perfect excuse for me to mix brands and bases and I found 16 designers who agreed with me!


This project started out with the title Neons & Neutrals. From there, I built my moodboard and made a call for submissions. The working name for the project was Mixing the Bases, as this is what I do all the time. So why not apply my passion for mixing bases as a key concept for my second book?

Let’s talk about the designers! I am so grateful to this incredible group of designers who submitted for Neons & Neutrals. Each and every one of them brought to the project a unique design aesthetic, and for me the challenge was finding colors, textures and yarn to reflect their design identities in a cohesive way. The designers of Neons & Neutrals are: Anna HusemannBrandi Cheyenne HarperBrienne MoodyCaitlyn TurowskiCecelia CampochiaroFlorence Spurling, Inese SangJulia WilkensKaren CronjeLayla Yang of Qing StudioLotta H LöthgrenMaaike van GeijnMarie RégnierMaysa TomikawaSusan Chin, and Valerie Ng. Together, we created a collection of patterns that is eclectic, modern and truly original. It invites crafters to combine yarn and colors in new and unexpected ways.

 All the photos here are exclusive for you, my special LBA readers. Thank you for your support! I hope you are as excited for this new collection as I am!


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