New Confetti color: RGO!

New Confetti color: RGO!

Today we are releasing a brand new color of Corrie Confetti based on La Bien Aimée’s RGO color! RGO, which means Really Good Orange, was a color inspired by the Iconic Orange Lady, Gaye Glasspie, the famous GG of @ggmadeit. If you would like to learn more about the conception of the RGO color, please read this article on our blog. Corrie Confetti RGO is an amazing bright orange with colorful recycled La Bien Aimée yarn threads spun directly in the fiber. 

The Bivouac shawl by The Lamb & Kid is the perfect pattern to try out a few different colors of Corrie Confetti or Wensley Worsted. Bivouac is a small, bandana-style shawl mixing easy garter stitch and eyelet sections. For Aimée’s sample knit by our sales team member (and knitter extraordinaire), Lolita, we used four different colors of Corrie Confetti: Aimée’s Peach Sweater, RGO, Greybow and Ochre

As you know, we love matching Corrie Confetti with some of our other colors on Mohair Silk. For RGO, we swatched a few colors! Using the matching color, RGO, on Mohair creates an almost invisible tone on tone combination. RGO Tomato really highlights the red and creates a beautiful variegated orange-red. “Hella” is La Bien Aimée’s neon orange and held together with RGO, it creates an amazing glowy fabric! Lastly, we also recommend using Calcifer on Mohair Silk. Calcifer is part of our Miyazaki collection and was inspired by a little ball of fire in the Hayao Miyazaki movie Howl’s Moving Castle. It is a mix of orange, red and pink and gives RGO Confetti a wonderful depth and variegation. Held together, you will see little splashes of color appear on the fabric while you are knitting. So, which color will you choose? 

Corrie Confetti RGO will be available starting Friday October 14 at 4pm Paris time! 

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