Piilo by Jonna Hietala

Piilo by Jonna Hietala

Jonna Hietala is the third Finnish designer who is releasing a pattern in La Bien Aimée Corrie Worsted. Piilo is the perfect striped sweater, or marinière as it is known in French. Jonna chose to use two of our favorite colors of Corrie: the undyed French Grey and her namesake colorway, Jonna, the dark green. 



We asked Jonna to tell us about her inspiration for this design and what she thought about the yarn. Here are her answers:

My soul finds rest in the forest, at the end of a narrow, unpaved road, far from the city. I love the grey rocks and the green pines, the small birds nesting nearby, and the sound of surrounding silence. This place is also visible in my Piilo ("hideaway" in English) pullover: it is a combination of  grey granite, pine needles, and ordinariness without which I wouldn't be me.

Worsted-weight, natural yarn with a halo on its surface – what's not to love? Knitting Piilo was a joy, from start to finish. The stitches flew off the needles: the feel was tangible and authentic. And what about the end result – a flat surface with a divine drape!



Thank you so much, Jonna, for collaborating with La Bien Aimée for the release of Corrie Worsted! 

The pattern for Piilo is available here. La Bien Aimée Corrie Worsted will be available starting June 21st at 4pm Paris time here


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