Comfort Fade: shopping tips, update & KAL

Comfort Fade: shopping tips, update & KAL

 This Saturday, February 27th at 11pm Paris time (that's 5pm EST, 3pm Mountain time, 7am on Sunday in Tokyo), we will be putting online our Comfort Fade Bundles! These are our yarn bundles for the Comfort Fade Cardi pattern by Andrea Mowry. 



Along with our classic bundles like Winterfell and Vespa (the original used by Andrea), we are also adding our crowd pleasing Totoro, Jinju, Grellow and Peanut Butter & Jelly fades. But that's not all! We have developed four brand new bundle options... 


Jasper and Siena are our brand new colorways created for Tracie and Jodi of the Grocery Girls, we will release these individual colors next month. But, we have also imagined two beautiful fades based on these colorways. Siena, Tracie's color, fades into our beautiful speckled neutrals: Dusk, Rose Quartz and Totoro & Mei. Jasper, Jodi's color, fades into earthy browns with Pyogo, Mount Kitchener (another brand new color) and Loam. 


Our new green fade features Porter, San Sok, Pyogo and Mount Kitchener, and it's been named after Adella of Lolabean Yarn Co whose love of green is no secret... 

Our last fade has been imagined by our team member Julia who loves all the bright colors, preferably hot pinks! Trust me, this The Hotness Comfort Fade will bring you joy and happiness with every stitch. 



Which size to choose? 

Our bundles come in 3 sizes:  
Size 1 (7 skeins) covers sizes XS/S/M. 
Size 2 (9 skeins) covers sizes L/XL. 
Size 3 (11 skeins) covers sizes 2XL/3XL/4XL/5XL. 


 We are really excited to announce that we will be hosting a Comfort Fade Knit Along with Tracie and Jodi from the Grocery Girls podcast. They will host a Zoom Cast-On Party on March 19th with Aimée and special guest Andrea Mowry! More details will be announced as we get closer to the date. 

The KAL will be hosted on Instagram and The Grocery Girls Ravelry group, from March 19- June 19. Join us and use hashtag #comfortknitwithusKAL on social media to show us your Comfort Fade. WIPs are welcome, and prizes will be offered! Hope you will join us! 


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