Silk Tweed by La Bien Aimée

What to knit in Silk Tweed?

Silk Tweed is a light fingering weight made of 100% Silk noil. It offers 250m / 273yds for 50g. Silk Tweed is perfect for all your summer knits! Now that June is here, you can feel the first hints of summer in the air. It makes me want to cast on light summer tops and breezy shawls.

 Clockwise: Rock it tee by Tanis Lavallée, Beachcomb by Tif Neilan, Purple Coke by Katrin Schneider, Dappled Lace Raglan by James N Watts

Need pattern suggestions? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have compiled a huge list of patterns that would be perfect to knit in Silk Tweed. There are lots of summer tops of all types: tank tops, raglan, drop shoulder tops, lace details, mohair stripes. We have also added a few accessories for good measure. 

I’m currently swatching in Silk Tweed and Mohair Silk to knit a Rock it Tee by Tanis Lavallée. I’m obsessed with those light Mohair stripes and the beautiful texture of the Silk Tweed. 


Clockwise: Oolong tank by Aimée Sher, Sol by Jacqueline Cieslak, Adventitious by Olga Putano, Olive tank by Sari Nordlund


 Clockwise: Jinshi by Marianne Munier, Adventure tank by Fatima Hinds, Everyday Attitude by Susanne Sommer, Outline Tank by Jessie Maed


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 Clockwise: Whispers by Veera Välimäki, Golden Filigree by Tetiana Otruta, Big in Japan by Katrin Schneider, Suri Shirt V neck by Caidree


Clockwise: Linho by Joji Locatelli, Argil by Clare Lakewood, Outline tee by Jessie Maed, Bolan by Leila Raven 

Clockwise: Cumulus Tee by PetiteKnit, The Maya Top by Gavriella Treminio, BFF Tee by Kate Oates, Knitting Badge Neckerchief by Niklas Heed


Clockwise: Galsang by Yamagara, Garter Glide Tee by James N Watts, Shakerag Top by Amy ChristoffersTotally Tank Top by Jessie Maed


 Clockwise: Matutina Tee by Carmen Garcia de Mora, The Weekender Light by Andrea Mowry, Tin Roof by Yamagara, Cozy Classic Light by Jessie Maed


Clockwise: Tegna by Caitlin Hunter, Daintylion by Rebecca McKenzie, Summer by Ankestrick, Ginga Top by Yoko Johnston

 Clockwise: Saco Stripes by Pam Allen, Uptown Tee by Tori Yu, Vasa by Diana Walla, Jazmin by Filipa Carneiro


All photos shown belong to the designers. 


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