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L'OisiveThé and La Bien Aimée are owned by Aimée. One is a tea house and yarn shop and the other is a yarn boutique and dye studio where La Bien Aimée yarns are hand dyed on site. 

L'OisiveThé is the City of Light's first café tricot opened in 2008.  Cozy Parisian tea house and yarn shop in the Butte aux Cailles located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Read about our weekly knit night: Wednesday's knit night: How does it work?

Our shop hours:
Tuesday - Friday: 12 - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11 - 6pm
Closed for summer holidays Aug 1- 25th
Where to find us:
1 rue Jean Marie Jégo
75013 Paris
01 53 80 31 33
Metro: Corvisart ou Place d'Italie


La Bien Aimée opened in 2015 as the little sister shop to L'OisiveThé. A luxury yarn boutique with a dye studio where La Bien Aimée yarns are hand dyed on site. Looking for special French yarns that you can't get anywhere else, come and see what La Bien Aimée has to offer you. 

Our shop hours:
Tuesday: 11-6pm
Wednesday: 11-7pm
Thursday- Saturday: 11-6pm
Sunday: Closed. 

Closed for summer holidays: Aug 1-25th
Where to find us:
27, rue Paulin Mery
75013 Paris
01 46 27 60 86
Metro: Place d'Italie