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La Bien Aimée

Chiaogoo LACE Stainless Steel Circular Knitting Needles

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La Bien Aimée is proud to offer these stainless steel fixed circular knitting needles from Chiaogoo. Renowned for having some of the most trusted and beloved knitting needles on the market, Chiaogoo's finest quality materials and ingenious designs make the perfect addition to any knitter's collection.

The nylon cable is super flexible and memory free, allowing you to maniuplate even the smallest magic loop with ease, and the needles are so seamlessly connected to the cable that your stitches will slide on and off like butter.

Available Lengths:

  • 40cm
  • 60 cm
  • 80cm
  • 100cm
  • 120cm
  • 150cm

The length of the needles includes the total length of the product (including needle tip and cable).

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