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ChiaoGoo TWIST Minis Set

ChiaoGoo TWIST Minis Set

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The ChiaoGoo TWIST Minis is a set of interchangeable, circular knitting needles that are perfect for knitting with the lightest of yarn weights. Their size also makes them ideal for knitting socks with the magic loop technique. 

These needles have stainless steel tips with a satin-smooth finish. The TWIST cables, specific to the brand, are made of twisted steel strands coated with red nylon. They have no shape memory, a real asset when it comes to magic loop knitting. ChiaoGoo is also well-known for the care with which they craft the joint between needle tips and cables. The stitches won't catch as you knit!

Needle sizes:

  • 5 pairs of stainless steel tips 5″/13 cm long: US 000 (1.5mm), US 00 (1.75mm), US 0 (2.0mm), US 1 (2.25mm), US1.5 (2.5mm)
  • 3 cables: 14"/35 cm (14″), 22"/55 cm & 30"/ 75 cm. 

This set also includes:

  • a black nylon-mesh compact pouch,
  • a tip sleeve with needle size labels,
  • 2 cable stoppers,
  • 2 tightening keys,
  • 2 cable connectors (which allow you to join two or more cables together to get a longer cable),
  • 6 stitch markers
  • 1 mini gauge and ruler
  • 1 heart-shaped rubber gripper (to help secure your interchangeable tip to cable connection),
  • a plastic case to keep your notions
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