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Clover Knitting Counters

Clover Knitting Counters

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La Bien Aimée is thrilled to now stock these knitting counters in 3 styles by Clover! Do you ever pick up your work and realise you forgot to write down which row you're on? Well with these handy registers you'll never lose your place again!


Knitting Counter

This classic knitting counter is so easy to use! The front displays two large easy-to-read digits which can be increased by pressing down on the top of the counter, or manually adjust the count by tuning the easy-grip wheels on either side of the counter.


Mini Knitting Counter

This more compact version of clover's knitting counter has the exact same functionality, except it's smaller and can be worn on a pendant or lanyard! There is even a locking function so you don't accidentally increase the count while wearing it. Please note: the pendant is not included in this product


Knitting Register

This tiny little knitting counter is perfect for perching on the end of your needles, and it fits snug on any size needles. The count can be adjusted by turning the wheels on either end of this counter. This counter is not compatible with circular knitting needles.

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