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CocoKnits Colorful Magnet Set

CocoKnits Colorful Magnet Set

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La Bien Aimée is excited to now offer this CocoKnits Magnet Set for the popular Maker's Board.

These strong magnets were created to be used with the Maker's Board. They are made from plastic-free PLA (plant fiber) and are powerful enough that both the front and back will work.  A set includes 6 discs with embedded magnets that can hold patterns, charts, or recipes on the Maker’s Board. The PLA is formed around the magnets, with no toxic glue used.

Note: Maker's Board and other tools sold separately.

A set contains 6 colorful magnets.

Measures: 0.75" / 2 cm in diameter.
100% Polylactic Acid, fiber waste made from fermented plant startch (like corn beets and sugar). They are fully biodegradable, not water soluble and contain no plastic.

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