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La Bien Aimée

Clover Cable Knitting Tools

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La Bien Aimée makes cable knitting so much simpler with these handy cable tools by Clover! Cables are incredibly beautiful, but for many, dropping stitches is a serious concern - however you like to hold your cable stitches, we've got you covered...

Cable Stitch Holders

With this set of 3 cable stitch holders, you'll be able to create beautiful and intricate designs in your knitting projects. The double bend in these stitch holders allows you to set your cable stitches to the front or back of your work without them falling off, and without warping the rest of your stitches. 3 different sizes accommodate a range of different yarn weights and knitting gauges, and when you're ready to add the cable stitches back into your work, simply knit them off either end of the holder.


Jumbo "U" Cable Stitch Holders

If you always find that your cable stitches slip off your stitch holder, this is the product for you. With a jumbo "U" shape, there is absolutely no chance of dropping your stitches while making cables. The hook curls around before extending to a long point, which is perfect for knitting your cable stitches back into your work. This set includes two hooks of different sizes.


La Bien Aimée Helix

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