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La Bien Aimée

Mini Cardi Bundle

Mini Cardi Bundle

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 La Bien Aimée is excited to offer bundles for the Mini Cardi by Marie Régnier!

Marie Régnier designed this super cute cardigan by mixing three of La Bien Aimée bases, Corrie Worsted, Merino Bouclé and Mohair Silk. The result is a fun knit and light comfy cardigan perfectly made for this spring weather.


- the Original in the colors that Marie used, a soft gradient of light pink Mohair Silk, held together with Sansa on Merino Bouclé to create subtle stripes, and Corrie Worsted in Goldenrod for a yellow pop of color,

- Aimée’s choice has Avoine on Merino Bouclé and a spring palette of Mohair Silk in Lichen, Anemone and Peach Sweater, with yellow stripes in Yellow Brick Road on Wensley Worsted,

- the Fluoro Morganite bundle is a pink lover’s dream with a very special limited edition color we call Hêtre Ephémère (literally ephemeral beech), with Wensley Worsted Bois de Rose, Merino Bouclé Hêtre Ephémère, Mohair Silk in Aimée's Shawl, Tang and Fluoro Morganite.


Size 11x Corrie Worsted/ Wensley Worsted, 3x Merino Bouclé, 3x Mohair Silk.
Sizes 2-3: 1x  Corrie Worsted/ Wensley Worsted, 4x Merino Bouclé, 3x Mohair Silk.
Sizes 4-5: 2x  Corrie Worsted/ Wensley Worsted, 5x Merino Bouclé, 3x Mohair Silk.
Sizes 6-7: 2x  Corrie Worsted/ Wensley Worsted, 6x Merino Bouclé, 4x Mohair Silk.
Sizes 8-9: 2x  Corrie Worsted/ Wensley Worsted, 7x Merino Bouclé, 4x Mohair Silk.
Size 10: 2x  Corrie Worsted/ Wensley Worsted, 8x Merino Bouclé, 4x Mohair Silk.

 Wensley Worsted: 50% Falkland Corriedale, 25% Falkland Merino, 25% Wensleydale, 230m (250yds) for 100g.

Corrie Worsted: 75% Falkland Corriedale, 25% Gotland, 230m (250yds) for 100g.

Mohair Silk: 70% Mohair, 30% Mulberry Silk, 500m (546yds) for 50g.

Merino Bouclé: 100% Merino, 200 m (218 yds) for 50g


Please note: this bundle does not contain the pattern, to buy the pattern go to Marie Régnier's Ravelry store.


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