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La Bien Aimee

Stries Bundle

Stries Bundle

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Stries by Marie Régnier is featured in Neons & Neutrals: A Knitwear Collection Curated by Aimée Gille of La Bien Aimée!

Stries by Marie Régnier is an easy hat with a beautiful twist! Work a relaxing sequence of twisted stitches, and have fun marling completely different colors together for an unexpected result. Not only will you be marling colors, but you will also be mixing yarns and textures.

The second sample of Stries uses my brand new custom color from The Wandering Flock: Aimée’s Peaches and Dreams


Original Direwolf: 1x Wensley Worsted colorway Direwolf, 1x Fingering Singles Wandering Flock colorway Aimée's Peaches and Dreams, 1x Mohair Silk colorway Aimée's Peaches and Dreams.

Original - Blodwyn: 1x Maison Corlène Fisherman Fingering colorway Blodwyn, 1x LBA Merino Singles colorway Anemone, 1x LBA Mohair Silk colorway Buzz.

Asling: 1x Maison Corlène Fisherman Fingering colorway Asling, 1x LBA Merino Singles colorway Peach Sweater, 1x LBA Mohair Silk colorway Ponyo & Sosuke.

Cuchulainn: 1x Maison Corlène Fisherman Fingering colorway Cuchulainn, 1x LBA Merino Singles colorway Kitsune, 1x LBA Mohair Silk colorway Pixy Stix.

Bleu Royal: 1x LBA Wensley Worsted colorway Bleu Royal, 1x LBA Merino Singles colorway Fujimoto, 1x LBA Onyx colorway Seaglass.

Eornost1x Maison Corlène Fisherman Fingering colorway Eornost, 1x LBA Merino Singles colorway Kokko, 1x LBA Mohair Silk colorway Aimée's Shawl.

Ercwlff1x Maison Corlène Fisherman Fingering colorway Ercwlff, 1x LBA Merino Singles colorway Life Aquatic, 1x The Wandering Flock Mohair Silk colorway Neon Kelly.

Fluoro Morganite: 1x LBA Wensley colorway Fluoro Morganite, 1x LBA Merino Singles colorway Ichigo, 1x LBA Mohair Silk colorway Peach Sweater.

Sansa: 1x LBA Wensley Worsted colorway Sansa, 1x LBA Merino Singles colorway Fiori, 1x LBA Mohair Silk colorway Tang.


Maison Corlène Fishermann Fingering: 75% BFL, 25% Masham, 400m for 100g.
Merino Singles: 100% Merino, 366m (400yds) for 100g.
Mohair Silk: 70% Mohair, 30% Mulberry Silk, 500m (546yds) for 50g.
Wensley Worsted: 50% Falkland Corriedale, 25% Falkland Merino, 25% Wensleydale, 230m (250yds) for 100g.
Onyx: 70% Mohair, 30% Silk core dyed black, 500m (547yds) for 50g.
Corrie Worsted: 75% Falkland Corriedale, 25% Gotland, 230m (250yds) for 100g.
Fingering Singles The Wandering Flock: 100% Superwash Merino Wool, 365m (400yds) per 100g.
Mohair Silk The Wandering Flock: 80% Kid Mohair, 20% Silk, 393m (430yds) per 50g.
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