Tapestry Needles


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Never lose your yarn needle again with this handy set and case!

These nickle-plated steel assorted tapestry needles of different thicknesses and lengths come in a portable handy PVC case with magnetic button closure. Each set includes 4 needles (see sizes below) that can be magnetized to the case for safe-keeping while working on your projects. 

The needle size makes it easy to thread the yarn.  The tip is rounded to avoid splitting the yarn.  Perfectly suited for binding-off or sewing pieces together.

Needle Sizes: 13 (2.40 x 70.0mm), 14 (2.10 x 65.0mm), 15 (1.81 x 60.0mm), 16 (1.60 x 60.0mm)

This set fits perfectly in the mini pouch of the La Bien Aimée Clutch found here.