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La Bien Aimée

Traveler Shawl Bundle

Traveler Shawl Bundle

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La Bien Aimée is happy to offer brand new bundles for the Traveler Shawl by Andrea Mowry! 

Andrea Mowry has released a new pattern in her Traveler series: the Traveler shawl. Andrea knit it in her handspun yarn and reached out to the yarn brands she has collaborated with for her other Traveler patterns to see if they had ready-made yarn suggestions. La Bien Aimée was more than happy to jump in with our favorite yarns! 

Alix and Kumo are an Alpaca match made in yarny heaven! They create a gorgeous fabric that is drapey and incredibly soft. We knit the small size, and the shawl is still generous and wraps comfortably around you. 

Please note for Aimée's version only: We held together Kumo and Alix in Fiori for the first triangle, and then we used Alix held double in Fiori for the second triangle, with a fade and contrasting tip in Fluoro Morganite. However, if you do not want to knit the contrasting tip, the bundle contains enough Alix in Fiori to knit the whole shawl in size 1.

Aimée2 skeins of Alix in the colorway Fiori, 2 skeins of Kumo in the colorway Fiori, 1 skein of Alix mini in the colorway Fluoro Morganite.

Anemone2 skeins of Alix in the colorway Lavande, 2 skeins of Kumo in the colorway Anemone.

Dawn: 2 skeins of Helix in the colorway Vintage Grellow, 2 skeins of Kumo in the colorway Dawn. 

Dusk2 skeins of Felix in the colorway Sansa, 2 skeins of Kumo in the colorway Dusk.

Peach Sweater2 skeins of Alix in the colorway Ponyo & Sosuke, 2 skeins of Kumo in the colorway Peach Sweater.

Sansa2 skeins of Alix in the colorway Howl & Sophie, 2 skeins of Kumo in the colorway Sansa.

Stone: 2 skeins of Helix in the colorway San Tokki, 2 skeins of Kumo in the colorway Stone. 

Tang2 skeins of Felix in the colorway Fluoro Morganite, 2 skeins of Kumo in the colorway Tang.

Tidal Sand: 2 skeins of Alix in the colorway Hegelia, 2 skeins of Kumo in the colorway Tidal Sand.

Yellow Brick Road2 skeins of Helix in the colorway Vintage Grellow, 2 skeins of Kumo in the colorway Yellow Brick Road.


Please note: this bundle does not contain the pattern, to buy the pattern go to Andrea Mowry's Ravelry page or to Andrea Mowry's website


Kumo: 74% Suri Alpaca, 26% Mulberry Silk 300m (328yds) for 50g

Alix : 70% Falkland Merino, 30% Suri Alpaca, 650m (710yds) for 100g.

Alix Mini : 70% Falkland Merino, 30% Suri Alpaca, 163m (178yds) for 25g.

Felix: 75% Falkland Merino, 25% Corriedale, 650m (710yds) for 100g.

Helix: 75% Falkland Merino 25% Gotland Wool, 650m (710yds) for 100g.

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