The Traveler Shawl by Andrea Mowry

The Traveler Shawl by Andrea Mowry

La Bien Aimée is happy to have collaborated with Andrea Mowry for the new pattern in her Traveler series: the Traveler shawl. Andrea knit it in her handspun yarn and reached out to the yarn brands she has collaborated with for her other Traveler patterns to see if they had ready made yarn suggestions. La Bien Aimée collaborated with Andrea for her lovely Traveler Shell pattern. We were happy to jump in with our favorite yarns! 

Alix and Kumo are an Alpaca match made in yarny heaven! They create a gorgeous fabric that is drapey and incredibly soft. We knit the small size, and the shawl is a very generous size and wraps comfortably around you. 

We held together Kumo and Alix in Fiori for the first triangle, and then we used Alix held double in Fiori for the second triangle, with a fade and contrasting tip in Fluoro Morganite. However, if you do not want to knit the contrasting tip, the bundle contains enough Alix in Fiori to knit the whole shawl. 

The Aimée bundle is now available. Fiori on Alix is available exclusively in the Aimée bundle. We are preparing more bundles right now! They will be online in the coming week. 

If you would like to make your own bundle for the Traveler Shawl, you can shop 2 skeins of Alix, Felix or Helix in the same color, and pair them with 2 skeins of Kumo. Add a mini skein of Alix, Felix or Helix in a contrasting color to knit a contrasting tip and add a pop of color to your shawl! 


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